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Besta CD1288M

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  •  Bahasa Malaysia Dictionary Series
  •  "Win at starting point" Pre-school Series
  • Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation
  • Real Human Tutor
  • Full Sentence Translation & Smart Comparison Wizard
  • Chinese Stroke Character Learning
  • 14 Countries’ Dictionary & Dialogue in 18 Languages

International Authority, Highly Effective Learning

  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition) -- The World's Most Authoritative
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  • Comprehensive Chinese- English Dictionary Full Edition
  • The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese
  • 200 Professional Dictionaries
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bi-Lingual)

Eight Essential Malay-Based Dictionaries

  • Kamus Kembangan

    Contains over 103,000 entries, 17,500 bilingual Mal-Chi collation of sample sentences, 55,000 synonyms & antonyms and many passive verbs & compound words.

  • Kamus Umum (Latest Edition)

    Contains over 153,000 entries, 56,600 root words, 69,900 phrases, with word groups and derivatives making it the largest lexicon!

  • Kamus Perdana

    Exceeds 90,000 entries comprising trilingual definitions & comparisons and providing synonyms and antonyms, derivatives, idioms, compound words, etc.

  • Kamus Sarjana

    Up to 150,000 words’ database where Chinese-Eds are able to search Malay paraphrases, sentence examples, idioms, proverbs, etc. with their mother tongue, further helping them to build sentences and write essays.

  • Oxford Fajar

    English-Malay, contains example sentences, derivatives, compound words and idioms.

  • Kamus Dewan (Malay-Malay)

    Authorized and professionally compiled by Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, containing a vocabulary of 82,900 words, detailed Malay explanations and phrases for reference.

  • Kamus Dewan (English-Malay)

    A vocabulary of 38,000 words inclusive of derivatives, phrases and detailed English and Malay explanations.

  • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary

    17,500 Chinese entries, common words and idioms used in essay writing.